Asian Style Stir Fry (OIL FREE)

June 4, 2016



Hey Guys! Back again with another easy Vegan recipe! I have been trying to put out some more savory/dinner recipes for you guys. Although I do have some sweet treats coming out next week ;) (stay tuned!) I wanted to share this meal because it's one I make on a regular basis. Stir frys are such an easy way to pack in a buuuunch of vegetables in just one meal! You can use any veggies you like or any veggies that have been sitting in the fridge to long and just need to be used up! The combo of veggies in this recipe is my absolute favorite for stir frys. Am I the only one who just LOVES broccoli?! Thats my favorite part of this dish!!! Broccoli with soy sauce is just like taste bud heaven! My Fiance and I always fight over who gets the most broccoli when we split up our plates! HAHA! Maybe its a Vegan thing? Anyways this stir fry actually contains no soy sauce! I wanted to make an Asian style meal that was gluten free and didn't have any Tofu in it. Some people may not even realize that Asian and Thai cuisines are always full of these two ingredients. Most of the time Asian Stir frys, noodle dishes, and rice dishes will have tofu added to them. Even if you aren't allergic to soy some people just down right hate tofu! I actually really like tofu, but only when its cooked right! Lightly fried or baked are both really good! I swear most people that don't like tofu have only tried Tofu soups. And let me tell you I don't like that stuff either!! Boiled or steamed tofu is nooooot good! (AHEM...just like boiled meat is not good!!!) It's all about how it is prepared! So try some other styles of cooking it before you say you hate Tofu altogether! I decided to try adding Chickpeas to this,it was a total last minute decision but it worked! Rice and Beans for the win!!!! So back to what I was saying, Soy sauce does contains Gluten. So most celiacs, (people with a legit Gluten allergy), can not eat soy sauce! So those people with Gluten allergies usually can not enjoy Asian cuisine at all! But now you can!!!! This easy peasy home made Stir Fry contains no Gluten at all! It's made using Tamari, (Gluten free soy sauce) and Braggs Liquid Aminos, (Soy sauce alternative). I really like the flavor of both of them together, when you use both theres a nice salty depth to the flavor. Both of these sauce contain waaay less sodium than normal Soy sauce, so its still rather low in sodium compared to an asian restaurant. Those places always leave me feeling soooo thirsty the rest of the night, I even wake up feeling bloated and dehydrated after a meal out for Asian food. My favorite way to eat this veggie stir fry is on top of white rice, smothered in SRIRACHA!! If you don't like spicy, your'e crazy!!! Just Kidding! Just skip the Sriracha! Enjoyyyy<3



1 small head of Broccolini (florets only)

3 Carrots (cut into 1 inch strips)

1 Zucchini (cut into 1 inch strips)

2 cups mushrooms (thinly sliced)

1 can of Chickpeas (rinsed and drained)

3 garlic cloves (minced)

1 tbsp Tamari

2 tsp Braggs Liquid Aminos

1 tbsp Chili powder

Water (amounts may very)




















1. Heat a skillet on medium-high heat

2. Mince garlic and Prepare/chop Veggies

3. Splash some water into the pan to keep the veggies from sticking

4. Now add in the Carrots, saute carrots in water for 8-10 minutes (Carrots take the longest to soften so you cook these before the rest of the vegetables.)

5. Continue adding water throughout the sauteing process, never let the pan get dry!!

6. Now add in the minced garlic let cook/mix around in pan for 1 minute

7. Now add in the Broccolini, zucchini and tamari

8. Saute those for 5 minutes

9. Add in the Chickpeas and then the chili powder

10. Mix and cook for 5 minutes

11. Lastly add in the mushrooms and the Braggs Liquid Aminos

12. Saute until the mushrooms have cooked and started to shrink down and liquids are absorbed

13. Remove from heat, serve with white rice and if you know whats gooood, top with SRIRACHA!




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