My Vegan Story

May 9, 2018


       Being 24 years old, I have been Vegan for 6 years now. Prior to being Vegan I didn’t love to cook like I do now, but I also didn’t hate it. Growing up my Mom didn’t cook so I really just didn’t know how. In my family’s house we ate very heathy and very clean but this meant we ate VERY plain. Basic, boring meals is what I remember (sorry mom heh heh). We weren’t Vegan or even Vegetarian, but still ate very healthy. Tons of fruit, veggies, tuna or salmon, and pasta..tonsss of pasta! My parents FAVORITE meal haha I swear people who don’t cook love pasta. I can’t blame them on that one though..a bowl full of carbs, yes please!



In my teenage years, especially when I had my own money I started to venture out. I loved to eat out with my friends, and get mostly junky foods. The thing is at the time I didn’t even know what “junk food” was. I never had any weight problems as a kid..other than people saying I was too I honestly didn’t even know what a calorie was until I was probably about 20 years old. All the eating out at taco shops, fast food places, and Starbucks (yep we all have had the Starbucks obsession) led me to horrible ACNE breakouts. Hormonal acne during teen years is so normal, but it can definitely be prevented through diet. And even though it’s “normal” that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take huuuge damper on your self esteem. I was so embarrassed and ashamed of my bumpy face, I wore thick makeup every day and never understood why NONE of my friends had it and I did. A lot of my friends would freak out if they had one teeny tiny chin pimple. This would make me so upset and I would think to myself, “man they must think I’m so ugly with all the acne I have.” It was such a battle, I would cry in my moms arms or even cry by myself. I tried to pop them or pick at them, which made it worse and left scars. I still have scars today..DONT PICK AT YOUR PIMPLES PEOPLE FOR REAL! My mom felt so bad for me and took me to a handful of dermatologist, who would prescribe medicines or creams (they never talked about diet or exercise). I tried none of them worked. Some of the creams even burned my skin and left it rashy and red. After dealing with Acne that was diagnosed as Milia (blemish type bumps that show up in patches) My mom suggested cutting out the greasy food..this was hard because I was also broke at the time. I had just moved into my first apartment, which was more like a crash pad. 




Being 19 I was unfortunately into partying, drinking, smoking, staying up all night, and all that sh**. Drinking alcohol all night and running to taco shops at 1 AM became my norm. This habit easily led me to also gaining the “freshmen 15” I felt different in my skin and didn’t like it..So here I was covered in Acne with a weight gain that felt like 100 pounds (looking back it was nothing for skinny I was and am). I decided to take matter into my own hands. I did TONS of research online. I read about healing through food. I learned about eating more of the right foods (I’m someone who loves to eat so dieting was not something I was going to do) Veganism let me eat MORE food than I already did, just more of the RIGHT foods. I researched and researched, read and read. When I found Veganism I pretty much changed overnight. I cut out meat, dairy, and all desserts/baked goods (at this time you couldn’t find vegan desserts like you can today). My acne began to clear and I dropped the weight in the snap of a finger. I will never forget looking in the mirror after about a month and being like that my looked way less bumpy and was feeling smooth for the first time in a LONG time. I was feeling so much more confident. Other people were noticing right away too. Coworkers from my job were commenting right away that my skin was looking really good and wondering what I was doing. After a couple months my skin was almost completely clear you guys! I could not believe it at all.. it was such a miracle! 

Today I don’t have a single pimple on my face and I never wear makeup ever! You have no idea how liberating it is! Being Vegan also made me feel lighter, gave me more energy and simply made me feel happier. It also introduced me to so many NEW foods. Veganism opened my food horizons to so many new foods and new flavors! I knew I was never going back to my old way of eating. I was loving being Vegan so much and still continued to read and educate myself on the subject, because I wanted to be able to have immediate answers to any questions people asked me. I started learning about the ethical side of Veganism, like what happens to animals on factory animals are abused and tortured. How meat and dairy industries lie to us all the time. How meat is the leading cause of climate change. So many horrible things the American Diet does to not only us but to our animals, our land, and our air! I knew then that I was going to stay Vegan for life! So when you put 2 and 2 together and you make that ethical connection you don't miss animals products at all. Especially now there are so many incredible Vegan alternatives to those foods..non dairy yogurts, ice creams, vegan cheeses and even burgers. You name it, we got it! I understand that it won’t be that easy for everyone but I am here to help you, and to guide you. 



So I have now been Vegan for 6 years and it has become my second nature. It not only is a diet, but a lifestyle! Veganism represents everything I believe in, and I want to share it with everyone. I mostly want you to be educated on the truth behind animal products and the industries they come from. There are tons of free documentaries available online and on Netflix such as; Cowspiracy, Earthlings, What the Health, and “The Best Speech you will ever Hear” by Gary Yourofsky. Not only am I Vegan for myself, but for the Animals and the Planet too. Please feel free to ask me your questions, I will answer them. Need substitute recommendations? I got you! Want recipes and meals that are delicious and easy..keep reading I’m going to share all my favorites on this blog! Lets do this health thing together, it just takes a little bit of educating yourself, and a little bit of adventure to trying new things!



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