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May 9, 2018



        So you may have came across my Instagram page where I share tons of healthy lifestyle photos of wholesome food, farmers market days, san diego living, and of my vegan baby boy, Harley. For this past year (ahem since Harley was born) I strictly stuck only to Instagram. Mainly because its quick, easy, fun, and straight to the point and for that reason Instagram will always be my favorite social media platform. I could easily get a post up, even with an inspiring or educational caption, while holding and/or caring for Harley. No laptop required, and easy to edit the photos right within the Instagram app. That being said I pretty much hiatused this blog for the first year of Harley's life. But can you blame me? A new baby in the house is far more exciting, and way more work than posting on my recipe website. So I have to thank all of you guys who stuck around and waited for me to get back into this blogging thing. Harley is just about 1 year old now so things have settled in and we’ve developed a pretty good routine.I’mnow a PRO MOM..haha just kidding, I don’t think anyone ever becomes a “pro” at being a Mom. More on that later! 

    For now I want to kick off the relaunch of this website with a NEW RECIPE! I recently got my hands on some fresh Coconut meat and asked you all via Instagram if you would be interested in a homemade Yogurt Recipe and you guys seemed so excited I just had to get to it. A ton of you messaged me saying you were interested. Which got me so excited to share this with you! First off lets talk about how amazing Probiotics are. Live bacterias that are good for your gut and your digestive system. Good digestion is key to a healthy life, it makes us feel good, reduces bloating, keeps us cleaned out and helps us have regular bowl movement. This makes it easier to maintain our weight and keep our skin clear! The live bacterias basically clean you out and replace all the “bad” bacterias we have lurking inside. For example when you take Antibiotics to rid yourself of an infection they kill all the “bad” bacterias along with the “good” bacterias. Taking a Probiotic along with Antibiotics will make it so you don’t lose all the “good” ones. Another example is skin issues! Bad bacterias can show up as breakouts or eczema, probiotics can prevent this as well. Think of them as the body Cleaner Upers! Probiotics can be found in fermented foods like; Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Komboocha, Tempeh, and Yogurt! You guys are going to be stoked when I tell you how EASY it is to make your own fermented goodies at home! Especially this homemade yogurt that’s only 4 ingredients!! 

      Coconut Meat, Coconut Milk, Vanilla extract, and Probiotic Capsules are the ingredients I used. Of course you can play and add in different extracts, fruits, or powders (cacao?), to make different “flavors”. I’m boring and honestly just enjoy the standard Vanilla, but thats because I spruce up my yogurt bowls with granola (like my homemade Cinnamon Maca granola or PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE granola), fresh fruits like bananas and berries, nut butter, coconut flakes, cacao nibs..pretty much a bowl of toppings honestly. I also didn’t add any sugar in this recipe. Now you totally can if you want to! I have to be honest without sugar the yogurt does have quite the tangy bite..but REAL yogurt does. Yogurt is supposed to be sour! All those yogurt cups you ate as a kid (or maybe still do now? hah!) even the Vegan ones, are LOADED with sugar, and I’m talking LOADED! The last yogurt cup I bought from the store had more added sugar than my favorite Vegan Ice Cream we had in the freezer. I personally like the sour, slightly fermenty flavor of this Coconut Yogurt, but I will leave an optional sweetened version in the recipe below (which will still be a low sugar option). And No you don't need to add sugar for the bacteria to feed off of. The capsules contain bacterias that are already alive. Coconut also already a small amount of natural reoccuring sugar that is enough to keep the bacteria alive! In this recipe I used 3 probiotic capsules. I chose to use 3 so their would be 1 capsule full of probiotics per serving of yogurt. I eat 1/2 cup serving at a time. Feel free to increase the ingredients to make more or even make the recipe for 4 servings, meaning they would be 1/4 cup of yogurt per serving, and you would use 4 probiotic capsules.

I like to make smaller batches at a time just to make sure it all gets eaten up!

Enjoy everyone!!

Can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Please post pictures on Instagram and tag me @theveganferri with your creations!




2 cups Coconut Meat

1/2 cup Unsweetened Coconut milk 

(I did not use canned coconut milk, the lighter refrigerated kind works better)

1 tsp Vanilla extract

3 Probiotic Capsules



1. Add all above ingredients to a high speed blender, blend until smooth

2. Add contents to a storing container

(I used a glass mason jar)

3. Cover with dish towel or lid that is NOT closed completely airtight

4. Let sit out on the counter for 24 hours to ferment

5. Yogurt should now be bubbly 

6. Store sealed in refrigerator until ready to eat


In reality this is how I actually ate it ;) 


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