My First MOTHERS DAY! Lets Celebrate with Vegan Waffles

May 13, 2018



Wow it’s Mothers Day, and I’m a MOM this years guys! WOW! I still can’t believe it and I’ve been a Mom for almost a year now. Last year on Mothers Day I was still pregnant..very pregnant. It was almost 10 days passed my original due date and I was SO ready to just have the baby already!! (Due date ended up changing after my 20 week ultrasound). My friends and I we’re actually predicting..ahem hoping*..that he would be born ON Mothers Day. How cool would that have been?! Well nope he decided to hang out in there for a bit longer..oh well. So this is my first official Mothers Day, and I’m pretty excited! Colton’s going to take me to my favorite restaurant for brunch, and then to my favorite beach spot. We are also planning to see MY Mom in the morning and surprise her with flowers. Although she did say this year the celebration could be all about me, but I want to celebrate her too! If being a Mom has taught me anything, (and oh mann it has!), it’s a new found respect and appreciation for her. 


When you become a Mom you are dedicating your entire being to your child. You start by building him a home inside of yourself. Dedicating our bodies to growing babies is a HUGE sacrifice, not only in the aesthetic form (good bye bikini bod) but our physical health can and will take a toll as well. We now have to share our nutrients and our DNA with this growing fetus. You sacrifice your body, and your wellness through this process. It is so important to now dedicate your nutritional intake and energy into building that baby! Green smoothie over cinnamon roll people okay! And the sacrifices don’t stop there! You may have to take time off from work for a few years or even quit all together. Labor itself is the hardest quest you will ever have to complete and the longest marathon you will ever have to run. Labor requires a great deal of endurance, focus, and again dedication! Once you go through birth yourself you immediately respect your Mom SO much more.


Once baby is born we now must dedicate all of our time to this little being. You never clock out from this 24 hour job. There are nights when sleep just never happens, and days when all we do is change diapers and clean messes. And now comes breastfeeding..which can be a full time job in its own. You are now officially a milk making machine! It is now your motherly duty to make food for your baby! We are also responsible for teaching them EVERYTHING. How they talk, walk, act, eat and even how to brush their teeth. The thought of this can be overwhelming and it was to me at first, but my Mom did it for me, so I can do it too.


Being a Mom has taught me so many things. Things that I already knew but can now fully understand. I’ve learned to practice Patience and Presence in all situations. I really can’t believe how much more I appreciate my Mom going through all of these things for me, and I have so much respect for Mothers who dedicate themselves to raising whole families, with multiple children. It’s a challenging job but such a rewarding and fun job too! I guess my point to all this is to encourage you all to show your appreciation for your Mom today in the best way you can! Spoil her and show her love! Make her Breakfast in Bed..make her these WAFFLES! And Moms relax today, know that you deserve a full day dedicated to YOU! A full day if not more to just let your family spoil you and love you.

You deserve it!


Vegan Blueberry Chocolate Chip WAFFLES


Base Ingredients

1 cup rolled oats

1 cup almond milk

1/2 cup applesauce

2 tbsp coconut sugar

1 tbsp ground flax

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp baking powder

Add in Ingredients

Handful of blueberries

Handful of chocolate chips



Add all base ingredients to a high speed blender, blend until a smooth batter forms

Now add 1/2 cup scoops of batter to waffle maker, spread evenly

Sprinkle in Add In ingredients (or skip for plain waffles!)

Cook each waffle for 4-5 minutes (I like to cook mine until crispy)



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