Top Tips for Going Vegan

May 17, 2018







So you want to go Vegan,

or maybe Vegetarian but you just don’t know how, when or what to do?

Wether it be adding a few more Plant foods to your plate,

or eliminating one animal-type food product from your diet at a time,

or even ditching your leather hand bag..we all have to start somewhere!

Here are my top tips for going Vegan!

Good luck my friends,

and feel free to ask questions!
















1. Motive- Find your Motive! Ask yourself why you want to become Vegan? Is it to save the animals? To save the Planet? To loose weight? To have more energy? What is your drive for this lifestyle? Once you know what your Motive is, educate yourself on that topic!


2. Educate Yourself- This is the most important tip! Educating yourself on something you are passionate about will not only help you succeed but will boost your confidence in whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. This not only will help YOU but it will set you up with answers for all the questions and concerns OTHER people are going have for you. And let me tell you they will have A LOT to say. And you want to know what you’re talking about, right?! Education is key to thriving on a Plant based diet or any “diet", if you are educated you will know how (and how easy it is) to get all essential vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins through certain foods! You will learn what foods have the most proteins, you will learn what types of carbohydrates are best for your body, and what greens contain the most Iron. It is also important to learn that Veganism is not JUST A DIET, but a lifestyle! Educating yourself on how the meat and dairy industries effect our Planet and the Animals that live on this Planet is important as well. If you are properly educated, staying Vegan will not be a challenge at all. These documentaries may bring tears to your eyes, but they will open your mind to all the torture being done to animals and destruction being done to land. I recommend the movies listed below for further education.


-Earthlings (Netflix)

-Cowspiracy (Netflix)

-Forks over Knives (Netflix)

-The Best Speech You will Ever Hear by Gary Yourofsky (Youtube)



3. Watch Youtube Videos and Read Blogs- This is SO helpful. Learning from other peoples experiences is going to be some of the best advice you will ever get. Youtube videos and blogs are going to help you learn What the Heck to Eat! I recommend “what i eat in a day” videos on youtube. There are thousands of videos from men, women, athletes, moms, dads, kids, and yogis sharing what types of foods work for them, how MUCH food work for them and even recipes! Check these out to learn this new style of eating! Blogs are great to read too, especially to find awesome recipes! Almost any food you used to enjoy or are starting to miss (pizza, lasagna, tacos, ice cream) can be made Vegan!


4. 1 Vegan meal a day- So you may already be passed this one but for those of you who are really just beginning your journey start here! One fully Vegan meal a day is a perfect way to ease in. It can be as easy as just having a Vegan Breakfast. Some examples are- toast with nut butter or jam, oatmeal with berries, or a fruit smoothie. Eventually take on 2 Vegan meals a day, and then finally 3! Remember if easing into it is totally okay!! It’s what you do long term that counts! I suggest finding one really good “feel good” meal. Find one completely Vegan meal that you really enjoy and that makes you feel really good. Eat this on repeat! You don’t have to make fancy recipes everyday unless you want to!


5. Remove all Animal Products- Okay so you now worked your way up to 3 Vegan meals a day, or maybe you are close to that, well now it’s time to remove all temptations. This can be difficult but this is the best thing you can do to fully commit to only eating Plant Foods. Remove all the animal products from your home! Go in to your fridge and your cabinets and physically throw them out! You don’t need them and your body doesn’t want them! If the animal products aren’t there, then the temptation is gone and you won’t eat them.





6. Eat Enough Calories- I can not stress this one enough!!! To succeed on a Vegan diet you must eat enough food!! Remember that Plant Foods are lower in calories, so you have to eat more of them to reach your caloric needs! (You get to eat MORE people!!) Make sure you are completely satisfied after each and every meal. I would say the biggest reason people have failed eating this way is because they didn’t eat enough. No they did not have a problem "getting enough protein” they just didn’t eat enough calories. A smoothie can be for breakfast as long as you bump up the nutrition- add nut butter, hemp seeds, or even protein powder. A salad can be a meal if you add avocado, beans, lentils or quinoa. For the first few weeks it may be helpful to lightly track you calories to make sure you get enough! Don’t ever fear food or calories on this diet. You don’t have to, this is a lifestyle of ABUNDANCE. Eat!










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