Vegan Baking Swaps + Halloween Cookies!!!

October 23, 2019


Hi Everyone!! I've been wanting to do a "Vegan Baking Swaps" post for a long time now, and it's finally time to get around to it! Vegan baking can be so easy but also so confusing if you've never done it before. I also realize that all the recipes on my blog are examples of treats you can make from scratch. And I understand that not everyone is a "from scratch" kinda person. Well did you know you can actually turn almost any store bought baking mix into a Vegan treat. Make sure you do check the ingredients for dried milk products if you are 100% Vegan or just have an issue with dairy. Usually the non-vegan ingredients are the ones you add in yourself, so we can just Veganize those! If you're coming from traditional baking you're used to every recipe being filled with Milk, Butter, and Eggs. When you go Vegan all three of those become no-nos. I'm going to give you guys the 411 on all the swaps you CAN use. Some are healthier than others and some just taste great. I'll also let you know which ones I prefer myself. Today I am sharing with you the Halloween Cookies my toddler and I made. This was such a fun festive activity we did together, Harley was very excited to play with Sprinkles and indulge in a rare treat (we usually do healthy versions of cookies and muffins in our house). We found the "Foodstirs Modern Baking" sugar cookie mix at Target. I was happy to have found an Organic brand there! The "Wholesome" frosting was also available at Target. I usually find this frosting at my local Whole Foods. One quick tip there are a few mainstream frostings that actually are Vegan friendly if you read the ingredients, they won't be Organic though. Same for the baking mix, just read the ingredients! So here's what we did..



1 Egg was replaced with 1 Flax Egg

(1 tbsp ground flax mixed with 3 tbsp warm water, and set aside to thicken)

Other Egg Substitutes,

- Chia Egg, these absorb more water best used in a dryer recipe..ex..protein bars/granola bars

(1 tbsp ground chia seed mixed with 3 tbsp warm water)

- 1/2 a mashed banana

- baking powder, helps things rise but won't hold them together


Butter was replaced with Coconut Oil

-will add a slight coconut flavor, but works well and is the healthiest option, gets "dense"

Other Butter Substitutes,

-Earth Balance buttery spread, taste EXACTLY like butter and works well, very light and "buttery"


Milk was replaced with Almond milk

Other Milk Substitutes

-any non dairy milk


 Other Baking Substitutes


Buttermilk- 1 cup non dairy milk mixed with 1 tsp apple cider vinegar

Cream- Coconut Cream, from a can

Oil- Applesauce, for a lighter/healthier option

Honey- Maple syrup, Agave 





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